Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the busy capital of japan. This city is the rare mix of ultramodern sky scrapers and traditional historical temple.

Places to visit in Tokyo-

Tokyo is the huge city with several districts containing Sightseeing, Restaurants, Nightlife and accommodations. You can have a look at each one of them.

  • The imperial palace:  It is the chief attraction of Tokyo with its beautiful 17th century parks which is surrounding by beautiful walls.
  • Ginza District: this is the Tokyo’s busiest shopping area lined by exclusive shops and beautiful imposing palatial stores.
  • Asakausa: this is the city’s most famous shrine stand at the long Stuart of shops
  • National museum of nature: this is the most superb national museum of nature and science including traditional customs and outfits and numerous exhibits of prehistoric creatures.
  • Vene Park and Zoo: this is the city’s largest green space and is the most popular tourist attraction.
  • The Meiji shrine: this is the unmissable site in Tokyo and remains one of Tokyo’s most important religious sites.
  • Odaiba- It is a Science museum with amusement park and is children’s favorite place to be.
  • Senso –ji – This is the famous temple of Goddess of Mercy and has historical importance.
  • Tokyo skyfree- It is a Gigantic tower and has an observation deck
  • Tokyo Disney land

What to eat??

Here is the list of Must try food in Tokyo:

  • Souffle Pancakes
  • Sushi- most favorite and well known food of this region
  • Pan – fried gyozas
  • Tonkotsu Ramen- these are the noodles
  • Yuzu ponzu takoyaki- Japanese snacks
  • Tamagoyaki- Japanese omelet
  • Yakitori- It is grilled chicken Skewers and a traditional dish.

Whether you are young at heart or prefer things the old fashion way, everything has its place in Tokyo and there is a place here waiting for you!!