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Here is a list of the most memorable and unique things to do in Japan without much effort. Ueno Park is on our list of Tokyo's most popular attractions, including some of Japan's most popular tourist attractions, such as Tokyo Dome, Imperial Palace and the Great Wall of China. This is the best place to visit for a whole day, and it is one of those places that can be reached with a lot of effort in just a few hours.

Other places worth visiting are the Great Wall of China, Tokyo Dome, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower and Ueno Park in Tokyo.

Those who have not seen Tokyo from above should take some time to visit the Tokyo Skytree Sumida. Getting there: The hotel is located in the Daimaru Tokyo department store, just a 4-minute walk from Tokyo Railway Station.

If you are a history buff and wondering where to stay in Tokyo, there are many unique things to do in and around Tokyo. If you are only travelling during your short stays in Japan, a better place to check out would be the Ueno Park. This is one of Japan's top attractions and makes a worthwhile day trip to Kyoto to visit the temples and wildlife in Nara Park!

If you can extend your stay, you can travel to the area to see Mount Fuji up close, and if you have more time, continue from Tokyo to Nara Park, one of Japan's most popular tourist attractions. Kyoto offers fantastic excursions, including some of the ones listed below, but unlike Tokyo, it offers much more variety than Tokyo. If you have limited time on your first trip to Japan, I would say you should choose between Osaka and Tokyo, as both are sprawling modern cities with plenty of day-trip options.

It is also a meeting place and cultural centre, and is close to many of Japan's most popular tourist attractions, such as Mount Fuji and Nara Park.

The Tokyo National Museum houses the largest collection of Japanese art in the world. If you are looking for a museum that is a little different, this is one of the most unique places you can visit. Even if you're not interested, the Tokyo Tower area has many smaller museums that offer great views of Tokyo, as well as some of Japan's most popular tourist attractions.

If you want to learn about Japanese history, a visit to the Samurai Museum in Shinjuku, Tokyo is the place to be. This museum is a unique opportunity to learn more about how warriors shaped the history of Tokyo and Japan.

If you're a fan of theme parks, we also recommend Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, which houses some of Japan's most popular attractions - rides and attractions. Another important business conference location that also attracts visitors is Nagoya. One of the first amusement parks to visit is Yomiuriland, as it is located just outside the city centre.

There are a number of places in Tokyo where you can enjoy a view of the city skyline, but many prefer to enjoy the view from the Tokyo Tower, even though it is only the second largest building in Japan. The best place for an unobstructed view is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku.

This place is located just north of Tokyo railway station and forms an amazing contrast to the Imperial Palace of Tokyo. While in this location, take the Yamanote train to Asakusa, which is just a few blocks from the city center, making it a great place to jump off the train and walk around the building. After the Imperial Palace, you can easily return to Tokyo Station or change trains for a short ride to Shinjuku Station.

If your stay in Tokyo is short, a day in Ueno Park is highly recommended, especially if you are on your way to Hiroshima. It is relaxing but not overwhelming and is one of the most unusual things to do in Japan, if not the strangest thing to do outside of Tokyo. So it is worth a visit.

Foreign visitors to Japan should also visit Kyoto, but I encourage most of you to skip it if you continue to Kyoto, as you will see some of the best in Tokyo on this list. What other good things do you know outside Tokyo besides Kyoto?

The Tokyo National Museum is definitely one of the reasons to visit Ueno Park, but you should allow at least an hour for the park itself. Personally, I would prefer to see how long you stay and then decide where you stay in Tokyo and which part of Tokyo you could visit on your day trip to Tokyo. If you are looking for a hotel outside Tokyo, please read my guide to find the parts of Tokyo that suit you best. I recommend to experience a ryokan (onsen) for 1 - 2 nights or to spend one night in Shibuya or Shinjuku.

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