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A test event planned for the Tokyo Olympics later this month, which would have also included non-Japanese athletes, was cancelled for fear of the virus spreading to China. Japan's capital is making final preparations for a global spotlight as Tokyo hosts the world's biggest sporting event, the annual Olympics, on New Year's Eve. A gymnastics meeting this weekend has emboldened organizers of the Tokyo Olympics and they are now ready to hold the test events early next year, they said Tuesday. Where can I spend my special New Year's Eve in Tokyo with my family, friends and family?

Imperial birthday celebrations, including the annual New Year's Eve party for the emperor and his family, have been cancelled as health authorities struggle to contain the outbreak. On Wednesday, the birthday party of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, scheduled for March 15 in Osaka, was cancelled.

Every spring, people from all over the world come to Tokyo to see and enjoy the cherry blossoms in Japan. The Cherry Blossom Festival is the most popular event of spring and the festival takes place at Meiji Shrine, a place popular for family celebrations. In Tokyo, Meiji Shrine is the place to stay all night for the night owls. One of the most popular events in Tokyo, popular with locals and tourists alike, is our favorite event, which takes place between July 17 and 24.

Summer Sonic is Japan's largest music festival, held annually in mid-August in Tokyo and Osaka. Among the three major Shinto festivals in Tokyo, Fukagawa Festival is not held in spring, but in mid-August. One of the most important sporting events in Tokyo is the Grand Sumo wrestling, which takes place three times a year in London, Tokyo and Yokohama.

The festival takes place during Golden Week, when the whole nation seems to be on holiday. Japan's peak tourism season begins in mid-August, after the festival dissolved after Golden Week and business returned to normal.

For music fans, the biggest event in Tokyo at this time is the huge Countdown to Japan Music Festival, which takes place every year from April 30 to May 6 at the Okunitama Shrine (more details on hotels and festivals here). The festival will start on April 29 in Tokyo and May 2 in Osaka, but will also take place in the same city for the first time in its history. It has a horseback and, like other festivals in Tokyo, portable shrines that are carried along a predetermined route.

Local guides will know that Tokyo has some interesting events and festivals that may not be so popular with tourists, but we recommend them. If you are travelling from Tokyo to other parts of Japan, click here for a list of recommended hotels, restaurants and events in other cities in Japan.

It should be remembered that considerable advance planning is essential, as it is not uncommon for accommodation to sell out months in advance. If you're planning a trip to Tokyo and want to know if there are festivals or events to attend, here's a list of the best hotels, restaurants and events in Tokyo. At overseas conventions, panels can be events hosted by fans of a famous man for the day, but in Japan, these events were more expo or trade fair style.

Mitama Matsuri (Mitamatsuri) is a traditional Japanese summer festival held every year in the Japanese capital Tokyo on the last day of July. The Shinto Festival began as a celebration of the Shinto gods and goddesses during the old Edo age of shogunate and continued with a wealth show under the new Edo age shogunates. Today, at every major festival in Tokyo, dozens of portable shrines are carried through the district. If you want to see Japan at its most vibrant, the Matsuri High Energy Plant is the place to be.

Visitors can experience the Shibuya Crossing, popularly known as the world's busiest intersection, shop at the fashion mecca Ginza, admire the view of Mount Fuji and stroll through Tokyo's most popular shopping and entertainment district. There are a lot of events to choose from, but we've put together a list of why you should definitely check them out in person. We hope this article was useful and helped you find some interesting and unique events in Tokyo. If you want to learn more about Mitama Matsuri and other events in Tokyo Japan, there is a way for you.

The infamous Kanamara Matsuri, most commonly known by its colloquial name, the Festival of Steel and Phallus, takes place in the city of Kawasaki, just south of Tokyo. It is located in Kishiwada, south of Osaka, and is on the site of the main stadium of the 1964 Olympic Games. There are a number of other events in Tokyo, but you can also head to Bebe, a popular tourist destination, to celebrate another festival.

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