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Japanese hotels face challenges and opportunities as Japan prepares to welcome the world to a country that is expected to give a major boost to its hospitality industry. Hotel managers spoke to us about the challenges and opportunities facing their hospitality industry in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

When Japan hosts the 2020 Summer Olympics, it will give the country's hospitality industry a major boost ahead of its biggest sporting event to date. When Japan hosts the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, one of the world's largest cities, it will also host a huge tourism event for the city's tourism industry.

Many of these visitors will stay in hotels near the JR line and private railways that provide access to the rest of Tokyo, including the private Odakyu line to Hakone. Near Haneda Airport, this hotel is one of the most popular destinations for foreign travelers spending their first or last night in Japan. Adjacent train station provides direct access to Disneyland Tokyo, which attracts over 28 million visitors each year.

The Olympics are likely to see a significant increase in the number of visitors to the Odaiba region in Tokyo during the Olympics, as many popular events will take place in Odaiba. Before you leave, you may find it helpful to save money and get to Narita from Tokyo or Disney. For more information about hotels in Tokyo and other parts of Japan, click on the links below for more details.

For holidaymakers, Accor Hotels offers CTA Operator members stays from Y = 10,000 per night for a two-night stay, with room rates starting from Y = 10,000 per double room. Employee rates can be registered at / accorhotels, and there are a number of hotels in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. It is just a short walk away and is just a five-minute walk from Tokyo International Airport, Tokyo Subway Station and Olympic Park.

To send it, you must have a reservation at your destination hotel, but I think most hotels in Japan will arrange this service for you. If you need a short train ride from Tokyo International Airport or the Yamanote line, you can stay at Tokyo Railway Station. Akihabara is located on the Yamanotes Line, making it a great destination to explore the rest of Tokyo. Nearby is Shinjuku Station, a popular tourist destination with a number of restaurants and shops that offer a respite from the shin juku madness and an excellent shopping area.

There are a number of restaurants and shops close to the hotel, the most popular of which is Shinjuku Cafe, one of the best restaurants in Tokyo. With rooms with sweeping views, the top floor is home to a variety of hotels on the top floors, including Hyatt Regency Tokyo and Tokyo International Airport Hotel. There are many walking routes to the Yamanotes line and other hotels in the area, and there is even a train ride from Tokyo Station to Akihabara Station. The hotel features a full-service restaurant and bar, available for a total of $2,500 per night.

What sets Roppongi apart from other nightclubs like Shinjuku is that English is not as common in Japan as in other neighbouring countries and the staff speak English. Japanese hotels, many of which speak English, but what sets them apart from other "nightlife" areas in Shin Juku are the English-speaking establishments - staff and expats - owned by Japanese. The Zen atmosphere is also spread in some of the best restaurants in Japan, reserved for hotel guests only.

On the other hand, Omotesando and Harajuku have little nightlife and few hotels, and Shibuya and Roppongi are only a short bus or taxi ride away. Tokyo, however, is one of the safest cities in the world, and Japan's homeless remain largely to themselves. Restaurants, bars and dance clubs are open until late at night, and revelers who want to be close to the action can stay in RopongI, Shinjuku or Shibei, with restaurants and bars in Shin Juku, while all restaurants / bars / dance clubs remain open.

The Suica card does not offer discounts, but it does make travel in Tokyo easier. Sky Bus Tokyo offers tourists free access to Tokyo's most popular tourist attractions, including the Tokyo Dome, Imperial Palace and Golden Gate Bridge.

Accor Hotels always offers special offers to help you save on bookings anywhere in the world. If you are an Accor Plus member, give us something back. For more information on using your Accors hotel vouchers, check out our guide to the best Accor hotels in Japan.

Conveniently located near Tokyo Railway Station, this hotel offers a free welcome service and a variety of amenities including a gym, fitness centre and spa. Japanese bathrooms are fantastic and the rooms are among the largest in Tokyo, averaging 3,000 square feet per room. The facilities are similar to those of other Accor hotels in Japan, such as a pool, sauna, hot tub and saunas, as well as hot showers.

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