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The Indigo Karuizawa Hotel, due to open in 2022, has signed a contract with Japan's largest hotel chain, Tokyo Intercontinental Hotel Group (JIHG), to build its first hotel in Japan.

The Club InterContinental Lounge is located on the ground floor of the Indigo Karuizawa Hotel, with an open-air bar and restaurant. It will also offer a dedicated concierge desk for intercontinental travel, led by a team dedicated to sharing local knowledge and recommending unique, local and authentic activities, including food and beverages, entertainment and social events, all offered at Intercontinental hotels and resorts worldwide.

If you don't know where to go in Tokyo, the concierge in the lobby will help. Check out our hand-picked recommendations for the best areas in and around Tokyo that suit your budget and taste, and see our travel tips for Tokyo and where to stay - Tokyo for more information.

Visit various places such as Odaiba and Asakusa, and eagle-eyed tourists will appreciate the Yukata, which is the perfect outfit for the Sensoji Temple of Asaksusa. Once you have arrived in Asackusa and done everything you want, go back to your hotel to have a quick shower and have a good night.

The city continues to amaze with its beauty and with the iconic orange grid structures that give off a golden glow at nightfall, occupy the greater area of the city and take in everything, the view is spectacular.

Japan with its amazing culture and local history is perfect for the Hotel Indigo brand and that is why we have seen so much growth and interest from the owners. With its incredible history, fantastic food and fantastic people, it is the perfect hotel for our brand! With Japan's amazing cultures, local stories and everything Japan has to offer, this is the ideal location for a hotel of the future, and that is why I am so excited to see so much growth and interest from them!

We are proud to announce the opening of Tokyo's first Indigo Hotel, the Tokyo International Intercontinental Hotel. We are pleased to announce the arrival of our first hotel in Tokyo in the form of a new hotel and we are pleased to announce a partnership with the owners of this amazing hotel for the next phase of their development.

This review will be a bit short, as we spent very little time in the hotel during our three-day stay in Tokyo, doing everything from making sushi to shopping and shopping in Tokyo. As I mentioned earlier, my wife and I flew to Tokyo just to attend the Sakura Festival in April and take a look at Mount Fuji while riding the Shinkasen south of Kyoto. We did not visit any of the main tourist attractions, such as the Tokyo Dome, the Imperial Palace or the National Museum of Japan.

Location - the hotel is within walking distance of Shinagawa Railway Station and Namboku - Ginza Line Station. The Narita Express will drop you off at the Strings InterContinental Station ShinAGAWA, which is adjacent to our hotel. If you use the train frequently, as everyone in Tokyo should, it is a walk that gives you access to the Nambokan and Ginzawa lines.

You can buy a Japan SIM card for your collection at the Japan InterContinental Hotel in Shinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. A collection of Japanese SIM cards available for purchase at the Tokyo Intercontinental Hotel can be found on the Internet.

Using this accommodation as a base for your trip to Tokyo, especially in conjunction with the hotel's limousine terminal, where you can purchase a ticket from the concierge, would be an excellent choice. This hotel is also on the list of hotels with stops for the Airport Limousine and can be used directly to Haneda and Narita airports.

All in all, the InterContinental is a pretty good value for money, and if you don't mind staying a little away from the bustling center of Tokyo, I would definitely recommend it. If you want to travel to Tokyo for a short period of time and buy a prepaid Pasmo card that works on public transport, it would make your life so much easier. I would not hesitate to recommend this hotel, but I would probably try to stay somewhere else just to experience another part of Tokyo.

If you like the accommodation, you will find a metro to reach the rest of the city, and if you have several public transport options, the location of this hotel is not bad. I had been to Andaz Tokyo before and there were no noise problems, so I'm not crazy about it, but I am sure that it could have been worse if we had stayed in Andazer Tokyo.

The rooms are relatively spacious, as you would expect in a crowded city like Tokyo. Apart from that, they are fair, but they lack something of the character of other InterContinental properties in Japan, for example, the rooms lack the character of other InterContinental properties outside Japan.

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