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It's time to see what your first day in Tokyo will be like and what the Japanese are planning in their spare time.

Here is a list of the best things to do in Tokyo and places to visit during your visit. This is the oldest temple in Tokyo and it deserves a place on the list for the best things done in Tokyo. With its beautiful Meiji Shrine, this park is a fantastic place to see the Sakura (Japan's legendary cherry blossoms).

This is of course one of the best opportunities in Tokyo, but seeing this vibrant part of our city is really something for them. Of course, there are many other places on this list of the best things to do in Tokyo and places to visit during your visit to Tokyo.

If you want to get a list of the best places and activities to do in Tokyo, check out our Tokyo Bucket List 2021 to help you find all the places in the city you should visit - visit places in the city. Take a look at our 20 free things to do in Tokyo and add them to your must-do list of activities when visiting this amazing city!

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Once you have decided what to do in Tokyo, you can plan the rest of your trip to Japan with our Japan Timer Guide and Travel Plan for Tokyo Japan Things to Do.

Since the city is really big, the list of good things to do in Tokyo is endless, so make sure you plan at least 3 days for Tokyo. If you are a history buff and wondering where to stay in Tokyo, there are plenty of unique things to discover in Asakusa, one of Japan's most popular tourist areas. It takes a little maneuvering from one district to the next, but if you only have 5 days to go to Tokyo, your day trip should be to Tokyo Kamakura. You can also hop from town to town within a few hours to preserve, fish, shop and do other activities.

If you want to buy the latest Japanese technology, be it manga or anime, Akihabara is the place where your Tokyo trip should have a place. Meiji Jingu, one of the coolest activities in Tokyo is visiting this shrine in the middle of a forest area near Yoyogi Park.

If you are looking for a unique digital art museum, which is one of my favorite things to do in Tokyo, this is the most unique place I can visit. Of course, there are several such gardens in Tokyo, but each museum is a little different, and Hamarikyu is at the top of my list of things I can do in Tokyo - do - do. If you like to tell stories, the Ghibli Museum is simply one of the best things we have done in Tokyo.

If you are interested in Japanese history, the Edo Tokyo Museum is one of the best places to learn about it. It shows artworks from the Edo era, including the history of how people lived during this period, as well as the artworks from Japanese history. The museum has recently been renovated and is a unique opportunity to learn more about how warriors shaped the history of Tokyo and Japan. There are many other museums in Tokyo, but this is the only one in Japan that is made up of them all.

Often referred to as Tokyo's Times Square, Ginza is a lively place to visit and one of the places in Tokyo where you can at least forget what Tokyo must have been like 50 years ago. Often referred to as "Times Square Tokyo," Ginzas is the city's most popular tourist destination and the center of everything Tokyo is known for.

One of the best ways to experience Tokyo is to love history and Japanese heritage, especially if you love Japanese history and heritage.

Your visit to Tokyo should include Tokyo's old, school-friendly streets, dotted with boisterous bars and tiny bistros. If you're looking for a geeky Tokyo, you can't do better than the Shibuya neighborhood where I lived as a child. I wanted to make room in my list for all the geekier things I did in Tokyo, so I saw many places like the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art and the Imperial Palace. Japan is in the process of being added to my bucket list and I am really excited about where we are and what we will do during our stay.

Go to an Izakaya (a kind of Japanese pub), enjoy real Japanese food and soak up the sun. Japanese restaurants in Tokyo and a visit to Ikaya in Gonpachi before you go out in the sun. Japan must - does it for the geeky and the geeks: The Tokyo Museum of Modern Art, the Imperial Palace and Tokyo's old school bars.

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